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Dress Code

Enrollment at American Academy presumes that parents agree to and students will comply with the following Student Dress Code:


Students at AAC are expected to use the complete school uniform at all times while on campus, field trips, and at other times when instructed to do so. Failure to comply with the school Dress Code will result in consequences as outlined in the Code of Conduct. The corresponding Division Principal is the ultimate authority on decisions regarding individual cases of uniform and dress code compliance.


Students in grades 1-12 will have a “Formal” uniform and a “PE” uniform, which are subject to the stipulations below. Children in the Exploratorium will use the PE uniform daily. 


Guidelines for the AAC Uniform for students in grade 1-12:

  1. All uniform items except shoes, socks, hair cover (scarf or other) and hair bows must be official AAC uniform items.  

  2. Shoes must be closed; open-back shoes are not permitted.

  3. AAC pants & shorts may be worn by male or female students of any age.

  4. AAC skirts may be worn by females in Exploratorium and Primary School.

  5. AAC skirts or dresses may be worn by females in Middle School and High School.

  6. In all cases, students’ underwear should not be visible at any time (examples: sagging pants, short skirts, riding-up shirts etc).

  7. The official navy blue uniform shirt must be used by all students through grade 11; the trim must correspond to the appropriate Division (Exploratorium-yellow, Primary-green, Middle School-red, High School-white).

  8. Seniors may wear the Red Senior Shirt, their official class shirt, or the navy blue uniform shirt.

  9. No tattoos or body piercings may be visible. 

  10. Light makeup, small earrings, and fingernail paint is permitted if it does not cause a distraction.

  11. AAC PE uniforms must be worn for PE classes.


On days when students are permitted to be out of uniform while at school or school events, they must follow these guidelines:

  1. No tube tops, halter tops or spaghetti strap tops.

  2. No visible midriffs, cleavage, underwear or see-through fabric.

  3. No shorts, skirts and/or dresses shorter than fingertip plus one inch.

  4. No ripped, or torn clothing is permitted.

  5. Shoes must be close-toed; sandals and open-back shoes are not permitted.

  6. Any type of stretch pants including but not limited to: leggings, yoga pants, tights, etc. cannot be worn in place of pants. Accompanying top and/or bottom (shorts / skirts) must meet dress code length requirement.

  7. No clothing or accessories depicting drugs, alcohol, guns, gang attire, or the use of offensive/obscene pictures or language.

  8. No inappropriate jewelry or accessories such as pocket chains or spikes.