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Requesting Documents

Procedures for requesting School Documents such as:

  1. Report Cards                                           
  2. Transcripts
  3. Letters of Reference*
  4. Certificates of Attendance**

   ​​​​​​​Request School Document Form

* Before letters of reference can be completed, parents are must have a meeting with the Director to ascertain whether or not the family is planning to return for the next school year.  When a family indicates that they are in fact not returning, regardless of the reason, a withdrawal form must be completed before any recommendation letters can be sent to the receiving school. 

** Before any of the above documents can be issued to a parent, all accounts must be in good standing.  Certificates of attendance may generally be handled by email or phone call, followed up by the form from the admissions office. 

Note regarding withdrawals:

Any student who withdraws from AAC and later wishes to return, must re-apply as a new student through the AAC Admissions office. This may include the requirement to sit an admissions exam and complete a new application form.