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High School

In High School, students mature and prepare to enter university and the world.  We emphasize critical thinking skills and core knowledge that they will need in their advanced studies, along with developing the necessary character traits they will need for life.  We offer a regular American curriculum, with the addition of French and Arabic and core classes.  We also offer a number of electives and specials options.  In 2020 AAC started offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for top students in grades 11 & 12.  This course of study is very rigorous and has the highest of standards as it prepares special students for the best universities.  AAC also offers six Advanced Placement (AP) courses, for students who want to challenge themselves but are not interested in the full IBDP.  

We invest a great deal of time into the whole student, offering counseling for college, careers and personal growth.  Our approach is rooted in a relationship-based method, where students feel comfortable with the adults leading them.  We feel the one thing that separates us from other top schools is our warm and welcoming culture.  Contact the principal at if you have any questions.