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IB Programme

AAC is in the midst of adopting the IB Diploma Programme.  If all goes according to plan, the IB DP will be operational in August 2020 for a cohort of our current 10th graders (graduating class of 2022).  The IB is an internationally-known curriculum built around rigorous standards and an engaging, thought-provoking approach to learning. It is used in top schools all around the world and is accepted by all top universities.  While not for everyone, it will provide our students with a challenge to reach their full potential and to push themselves beyond where they might go on their own.  

While the IB at AAC will initially be offered in grades 11 & 12, the philosophy and learning principles have already been instilled throughout the school.  The approach centers on cross-curricular learning and truly in-depth study and fits perfectly with AAC’s Project-based Learning approach. The IB culminates in a series of highly challenging assessments that allow students to demonstrate their full knowledge and ability.

The school has future plans to adopt the Middle Years Programme (grades 6-10) and the Primary Years Programme (grades 1-5) but we are following the IB Organization’s advice to begin with the DP.  If you have any questions about the IB, please contact our DP Coordinator, Wassif Benlarbi at



AAC DP Subject Briefs


Group 1 Language A - Language and Literature  - SL/HL

Ms. Kate Dugan

Group 2 Language B - French and Arabic - SL/HL

Ms. Ikram Srifi 

Group 3

Individuals and Societies - History - SL

Individuals and Societies - History - HL

Ms. Lauren Michels

Individuals and societies: Business

Mr. Dev Daswani

Group 4 Sciences - Biology - SL/HL

Ms. Elisabeth Ryden

Sciences - Physics - SL/HL

Ms. Hanane Katir

Group 5 Mathematics - Analysis and Approaches - SL/HL Mr. Wassif Benlarbi
Mathematics - Mathematics: applications and interpretation - SL/HL
Group 6 Arts - Students will have to choose one subject from sciences - SL  

The core


More information from ibo

   English: Diploma Programme 

   French: Programme du diplôme