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The AAC Curriculum has been created with our students’ best interests in mind.  Each teacher works as an essential part of our overall vision to produce young people ready to enter university and the modern world with the necessary skills and dispositions.  AAC uses the US Common Core Standards, along with the Moroccan Ministry of Education guidelines and the International Baccalaureate expectations to produce a learning plan for all students with 21st Century learning in mind.

The curriculum is vertically aligned, meaning that from the earliest years through high school, each subject area is carefully planned to allow for smooth transitions and high standards.  In some areas, the curriculum is also horizontally aligned, meaning that units from different subject areas are coordinated to touch on the same theme, thus increasing the depth of learning.  In high school, we also offer AP and IBDP courses, which have separate course outlines.

No curriculum is ever “complete”.  AAC will continue to adjust our learning plan to meet the needs of our students.  The below links will take you to our Scope and Sequence documents, which provide broad outlines of what students will learn in each class:

The French and Arabic documents are currently being revised and formatted.  Both departments meet the Moroccan Ministry of Education guidelines for the two languages.

If you have any questions about what AAC students are learning, please contact teachers directly or the Head of School:

Mr. Flaschberger: