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Guiding Statements


American Academy Casablanca offers a distinctly unique American school experience.

Through participation in the highest quality, inquiry-based, student-centered programs, all students find fulfillment by accomplishing personal and academic excellence, become multilingual global citizens that adapt and contribute in a rapidly changing world, and act on their values to positively impact those around them.


American Academy Casablanca aspires to be the leading American-international school in Morocco. 

By implementing an innovative and rigorous academic program delivered in a safe, student-centered environment, American Academy Casablanca inspires students to discover their passion for learning, fulfill their potential, and become responsible global citizens.

Core Values  

  • Integrity-Being an example to others by demonstrating honesty and upholding the highest moral and ethical principles. 

  • Compassion-Feeling deep empathy that leads to the desire to serve where there is a need.

  • Respect-Valuing and showing appreciation for the feelings and well-being of yourself/others. 

  • Responsibility-Being accountable for your actions, following through on tasks and obligations, accepting consequences, and assuming the need to help and support others.

  • Excellence-Always demonstrating your most outstanding qualities and always giving your best.

Educational Philosophy

AAC’s educational philosophy is simple -- to develop the whole child, both intellectually and emotionally. Our culturally and academically diverse students at AAC engage in high quality learning through

  • quality curriculum that is relevant to real life, coordinated across subjects, and aligned across grade levels.  

  • a nurturing learning environment that provides both support and challenge at an appropriate level.

  • consistent practice with 21st century skills, with an emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, perseverance, technology skills, and adaptability.

  • regular opportunities to express their own student voice and choice, to evaluate progress and reflect on growth, and to demonstrate independence, ownership and accountability in their own education.

As a result of these high quality learning experiences at AAC, we believe that our students are well-equipped to become leaders in an ever-changing world.

At American Academy Casablanca, we believe that:

  • Students learn most effectively when provided opportunities for exploration, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving within authentic situations in an environment that makes them feel comfortable, challenged and happy.

  • Effective instructional practices progress from play-based, through project-based, and culminate in research-based approaches to teaching and learning.

  • We best meet the needs of learners when we understand them as individuals and make them feel welcome and appreciated.  

  • The family and the community must be active participants in supporting student learning. 

  • Learning is a lifelong endeavor. 

  • A culture of high expectations and striving for personal and academic excellence leads to higher achievement.

  • Holistic learning encompasses a balance between academics, the arts, and physical, social, and emotional well-being.

  • Every person has equal inherent value and embracing diverse cultures, ideas and practices strengthens our community.

  • As a fortunate and educated school community in Morocco, we have the responsibility to do our part to make the world a better place. 

  • The school community’s diverse backgrounds and a sense of internationalism are honored and celebrated.

  • A rich and stimulating learning environment includes aesthetically pleasing buildings, flexible learning spaces, active use of technology, and a safe, supportive and happy atmosphere.

General Objectives

  1. To challenge students through an internationally accredited, standards-based, American-style curriculum that is multidisciplinary in Primary School and interdisciplinary in Secondary School.

  2. To help our students find purpose in their lives and the desire to contribute positively to the lives of others.

  3. To promote lifelong learning among our school community, actively developing our professionals and our students.

  4. To prepare students who can communicate effectively in English, French and Arabic to better achieve success in a multicultural, globalized context.

  5. To create a safe environment that encourages responsible and ethical behaviors in order to nurture healthy interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.

  6. To form open-minded individuals who can assertively express their points of view, while appreciating others who do the same.

  7. To promote a sense of AAC school spirit, sense of belonging and pride in spite of rigorous daily challenges.

  8. To provide students with a program of study that results in sufficient preparation for admission and success in the universities of their choice.

  9. To inculcate the values of integrity, compassion, respect, responsibility and excellence in our students.

Global Citizenship

AAC is committed to promoting global citizenship through a variety of initiatives and activities. The school offers a curriculum that incorporates international perspectives and global issues, organizes events to expose students to diverse perspectives, encourages service learning and volunteer opportunities, and promotes language learning as a way of understanding different cultures and people. These efforts help to prepare students to be active and responsible members of the global community and to be aware of the interconnectedness of issues.