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AAC Board Info

AAC Executive Board

AAC is governed by the Executive Board, led by the Founder and President Said Koukaila. The Board consists of nine members who all have various backgrounds. They bring their expertise to the decision-making process and are selected by the President to serve two-year terms. Other Board members include:

Driss Drissi-He served for many years on the Boards of the American Schools of Tangier and Marrakech. He has been on the AAC Board for five years, and serves as a special consultant to the President.

Bendaoud Merzaki-He has served on the Board for four years, after retiring from the Moroccan Ministry of Education, where he led the department of private schools. He provides AAC with a liaison with the Ministry and provides advice on our Moroccan programs (French, Arabic and Moroccan Social Studies).

Sarah Kouhaila-She has served on the Board for two years, and works at an elite private school in Boston. She helps the school with our marketing and public relations.

Ali Gharbi-Ali is the Co-Founder of AAC and has worked for the school as the Vice President for years. Ali’s expertise is in business, and helps to manage the school’s financial affairs.

Mohammed Rherras-He has served the AAC Board for three years, and is a member of the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior. He brings valuable experience dealing with local authorities.

Nawal El Moutawakel-She is a former Olympic champion who is a national hero and has served the Board for one year. She is a member of the Moroccan Olympic committee and brings a wealth of experience to the group.

Hicham Benzakour-He is the parent representative on the Board and has served for two years. He has a background in education and the hospitality industry and has two sons in the school.

David Flaschberger-He is the Head of School and has been on the Board for five years. He has 35 years of experience in Education and has worked as a teacher/administrator in nine different countries.

AAC Community Board

AAC’s Community Board is made up of the Head of School, the Deputy Head along with two elected staff, student and parent representatives. The students and staff each serve one-year terms, while the parents serve two-year terms. The Community Board members are selected at the beginning of each school year and help the school leadership in day-to-day operations by providing feedback from each stakeholder group and advice on issues. They also help in the planning of events and provide support during the accreditation process. They meet approximately every six weeks. The 2023–24 representatives have not been chosen yet, except for Jada Licata (HS President) and Mohammed Bencherif (PTO President).