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Accreditation and Recognition

American Academy Casablanca is accredited by numerous authorities, which recognize the high level of education the school offers.  These agencies provide the school with external validation of our overall excellence.  AAC is currently recognized by:

  1. Cognia (formerly known as AdvancEd)

Cognia is the world’s largest accreditor of international schools.  The rigorous process to be recognized by Cognia is a multi-year endeavor.  AAC hosted a re-accreditation visit in January of 2023 and was approved. This accreditation allows the AAC High School Diploma to be seen as the equivalent of a US high school diploma.  More information about Cognia can be found at


  1. The Moroccan Ministry of Education

AAC is recognized by the Moroccan Ministry of Education as an approved K-12 American education institution.  There are a limited number of schools within Morocco which are granted this distinction, and it allows us to balance our American-style education with the requirements of our host country.  Our official certification number is 14153/13.

  1. The International Baccalaureate

In February, 2020 AAC was officially approved to begin offering the IB Diploma Programme.  The IBDP is the world’s most prestigious curriculum, and offers an extremely challenging two year course to our finest high school students.  The IB Programme will grow with time at AAC, as we add courses to the IBDP and begin considering adopting their MYP and PYP offerings.  More information can be found at


  1. Council of International Schools (CIS)

AAC is the only member of CIS in Morocco.  We joined the group in 2019, as a way to continue to increase our standards.  AAC began the two year accreditation process in the fall of 2022. The school was granted "Candidate" status after passing the first review with many commendations.  The final visit is scheduled for February, 2024.. CIS is especially widespread in Europe and Africa.  More information can be found at

College Board


  1. The College Board

This organization is known the world over for its high standards and work in preparing students to excel in university, especially in the US.  AAC offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses to our high school students, and the school serves as a testing center for the PSAT.  Students who pass their AP exams receive college credit.  More information about The College Board is available at


  1. Mediterranean Association of International Schools (MAIS)

AAC is a member of MAIS, which serves North Africa, Europe and schools in the Middle East.  This association supports members in professional development and curriculum design.  AAC has been a member of MAIS since 2008.  More information can be found at


American Academy is also authorized by the Ministry of National Education of the Kingdom of Morocco under No: 14153/13