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"Our students benefit from familiar surroundings and easy access which provides a more convenient testing site fosters and a college-going culture."



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American Academy provides college/career counseling services for our students of middle through high school.  Through one to one as well as in small groups, our college & career counselor helps students through the entire college application process (U.S, UK, Canada, Europe, Middle East). The college and career exploration process involve:


  • Personality assessment
  • High school plan & course selection
  • Career path selection                                       
  • Researching university options
  • Counseling on life in college
  • Essay/personal statement writing
  • Resume writing
  • Financial aid/scholarship advise
  • PSAT administration (grades 10 & 11)
  • Standardized Tests (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS) advise
  • Hosting university representatives during college visits and fairs.

For more information about College/Career Counseling contact Mrs. Narjiss Bentaleb at



Deciding where you will go to college is one of the most important and exciting things you will do while in secondary. You will have many questions regarding the entire college selection and application process. You may be wondering about which colleges will be a good match for you but also which ones will be interested in you. The answer is that many colleges will! Bear in mind, colleges are recruiting and seeking students just as you are selecting a college.

Furthermore, the American Academy is hosting college every year to enable students to talk to college representatives and to “sell themselves” for the upcoming competitive college admission process. In any case, students end up finding the right college match. The college selection and application process is the beginning of a life adventure. So put passion and motivation into your life project and the process will definitely be an easier and more enjoyable experience!

You will just need to prepare yourself ahead of time to give yourself the best chances in order to make the best choices for yourself. You will also need to get organized and be very responsible.

You will just need to prepare yourself ahead of time to give yourself the best chances in order to make the best choices for yourself. You will also need to get organized and be very responsible.

College exploration stages

  • Grade 8:         College awareness (Why Do I want to go to college?)
  • Grade 9:         Self-Awareness (Who Am I?)
  • Grade 10:       Exploring Options (Where Am I Going?)
  • Grade 11:       The Action Plan (How Do I Get There?)
  • Grade 12:       Taking Action & Transitioning from AAC (What Do I Need to Do?)


College applications
Below are the most important characteristics that college admissions of most colleges in the US, UK, Canada and Europe are looking for when they review your application: 


  • Strong academic results (grades) – improving scores throughout the four years of high school
  • Challenging academic program – AP courses count!
  • For some universities (esp. UK), specific courses/credits
  • Foreign languages (French and Arabic are highly recognized in the US and UK)
  • Strong admissions test scores (e.g. SAT/ACT, TOEFL/IELTS)
  • High predicted grades (as well as final grades!) – indispensable for UK; important in the US
  • Commitment & Consistency
  • Personal and academic integrity
  • A captivating, detailed personal statement
  • Strong letters of recommendation from teachers and college counselor


The Honor Code

The principles of the Honor Code are nowhere more important than in the college application process.  Neither AAC nor any college in the world would tolerate any falsification of information on the application or cheating, such as plagiarism on the essay. Such violations may seriously jeopardize your acceptance. Thus, a student’s character and integrity are extremely important to colleges. Moreover, AAC must maintain a relationship of trust and total honesty with colleges if we expect them to believe and act upon our recommendations about our students.


College visits
American Academy looks forward to welcoming university representatives from around the world. We are happy to welcome you at any time during the school day, from 8:15 am to 2:15 p.m. Visits typically last 40-60 minutes.  

To book a visit, please contact Mrs. Narjiss Bentaleb at

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