Mission, Vision & Values

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The American Academy Casablanca offers a distinctly unique American school experience.

Through participation in the highest quality, inquiry-based, student-centered programs, all students find fulfillment by accomplishing personal and academic excellence, become multilingual global citizens that adapt and contribute in a rapidly changing world, and act on their values to positively impact those around them.


American Academy Casablanca aspires to be the leading American-international school in Morocco.

By implementing an innovative and rigorous academic program delivered in a safe, student-centered environment, American Academy Casablanca inspires students to discover their passion for learning, fulfill their potential, and become responsible global citizens.

Core Values  

  • Integrity - Being an example to others by demonstrating honesty and upholding the highest moral and ethical principles.
  • Compassion - Feeling deep empathy that leads to the desire to serve where there is need.
  • Respect - Valuing and showing appreciation for the feelings and well-being of yourself and others.
  • Responsibility - Being accountable for your actions, following through on tasks and obligations, accepting consequences, and assuming the need to help and support others.
  • Excellence - Always demonstrating your most outstanding qualities and always giving your best.


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