The United States government does not regulate the quality of educational programs offered at American schools and universities. Instead, the accreditation of a school tells you that the school has met a minimum standard of quality in its academic programs. Accrediting organizations are authorized by the US Department of Education to set these standards and then evaluate whether a school's program meets them. If so, then the school is said to be "accredited" by that body.

American Academy Casablanca, Morocco has been accredited by AdvancEd since 2008. AdvancED is a leading accrediting body in the United States and accredits K-12 schools and Universities world-wide.  The AdvancED Performance Accreditation is a rigorous, clear and comprehensive program of evaluation and external review that is supported by research-based Standards and dedicated to helping institutions continuously work toward school improvement. 

To add focus to our improvement efforts 
To objectively confirm our belief we do an excellent job
To test assumptions we make about the quality of our school
To give us a better idea of where we stand in the quality "big picture"
To show us what does and does not work
To be competitive in the local and international market
To present 
a complete picture of our school to the community
To accelerate our drive for excellence
To strengthen and reward our teachers' feelings of success and efficacy
To be accountable to our school community (parents, students, teachers and staff)

American Academy is also authorized by the Ministry of National Education of the Kingdom of Morocco under No: 14153/13 

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