Dress Code

Enrollment at American Academy presumes that parents agree to and students will comply with the following Student Dress Code:
Approved garments must be of a length and fit that Clothing must not be ripped, torn, excessively worn or stained.
Hair should be clean and neat.  Hairstyles that may disrupt the educational process are not allowed at school. Students may be asked to get a haircut.
All clothing and personal items must be free of impolite or improper messages.
Any jewelry, body art, or piercing deemed by the school to be dangerous or a distraction to the learning environment is not acceptable.
Underclothes should not be visible.
* Excessive makeup on girls is considered inappropriate.
are suitable to the build and stature of the student. Hemlines must be conservative.  Pants/shorts may be hemmed according to the student's height, but should not be rolled or cut-off.
Clothing excessively large or small is unacceptable.

Students who come to school in inappropriate clothing will be asked to change.**

The purpose of AAC's Dress Code is to support a positive learning environment. AAC wants to establish a comfortable environment, conducive to learning and respectful of our host culture. Additionally, we want students to take responsibility for dressing for school while maintaining autonomy.

The American Academy uniform will be worn properly and with pride at all times, both on campus and off.  Except for designated "No-Uniform Days," the school uniform is compulsory.  The AAC uniform consists of the following pieces for students in grades 6 - 12:·

     Polo-style collared shirt (maroon or navy blue, long and short sleeve)

  • Khaki slacks
  • Khaki shorts
  • Sports uniform (navy and white shorts and regulation shirt)
  • Navy blue pullover v-neck sweater
  • Navy blue button up sweater.

To ensure consistency, all uniform items must be purchased through the school provider, O'marques. In the event that inventory is depleted, or a special size is needed, students must order appropriate pieces and obtain a receipt to show the uniform is being made.  This receipt will allow a student to be admitted to class during the approximately 7 to 10 school days that it takes to manufacture the uniform.

AA students are expected to be appropriately groomed and dressed throughout the school day. The school expects students to be neat, clean, and modest in their appearance and to present a good image of the school within the community.  If in the opinion of the faculty and/or administration, a student's appearance detracts from the decorum of the school, the student will be asked to change and disciplinary action may be taken.


AA will plan several "No-Uniform Days" throughout the year.  All layers of clothing must meet all dress code requirements for non-uniform days.  Following is the dress code for such days.

  • All shirts must have sleeves and must cover the chest, shoulders, back, and midriff. 
  • Pants must fit properly.  They must not be excessively tight or baggy.  The waist of the pants must be worn at the student's waist.
  • The shirt and pants must have constant overlap with normal posture and movement; midriff should not be visible.
  • Jeans are allowable, but they must be neat.
  • Hemlines must be conservative; length of shorts or skirts, when kneeling, should be no higher than 10 cm from the ground.
  • Cutoffs are prohibited.
  •  Slits in the skirt are to be no higher than 2 inches above the hem. Slits on long skirts/dresses may not extend above the knee.

The official AAC school uniform can be purchased at

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