Welcome to Secondary!

We have a team of highly qualified professional educators prepared to help your children reach their potential. This means working with students to develop and realize their dreams; dreams that will make them lifelong learners while becoming productive, contributing members of a global community.

We strive to work with every student on an individual basis to plot a course for success.  Nurturing the entire student, providing access to a range of academic course work and fostering physical and emotional health through a variety of athletics and character education is at the core of our approach. Most importantly, we know no one knows children better than their parents. And so, cultivating meaningful, long-term relationships with parents is vital.

Choosing the right school might be the most important decision you make for your child.  You can be sure that we will work tirelessly to maintain your trust and ensure that you have made the correct choice with American Academy-Casablanca.







American Academy Morocco offers college preparatory curriculum based on US Common Core standards and uses a standards-based grading system to assess student learning in grades K-12. In addition, American Academy places a heavy emphasis on developing tri-lingualism as students are required to take English, French, and Arabic. American Academy also embraces and actively promotes Project-based Learning from elementary through high school.  We believe that PBL instructional and learning experiences challenge students in ways beyond traditional classroom settings, enhance academic rigor, and better prepare students for university life.  

Advanced Placement Opportunities

American Academy is approved by College Board to offer advance Placement courses such as:  AP Psychology, AP Calculus, AP French, AP Biology, AP Art and AP Physics.  For more information on Advanced Placement, visit


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