Welcome to Elementary (Grades KG2-5)

Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, and Visitors:

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our new Elementary website! Our school has become a stronger and stronger Project-based learning (PBL) institution over the past few years and I am incredibly proud to have helped with this endeavor. Teachers regularly meet each other (in some cases, 90 minutes per week) to create transdisciplinary units. Teachers are asked to regularly schedule presentations, field trips, science experiments, and exhibitions for parents to come on in and participate. 

PBL is a philosophy that we are embracing in the elementary school, never forgetting that teachers also balance the demands of rigorous curricula (such as Next Generation Science and Common Core) along with the needs of ESL students.

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KG1 - Grade 5 follow Common Core (ELA and Math), Next Generation Science, Aero for Social Studies, Michigan standards for PE, ISTE for ICT, NAEA for art.


Common Core 
Next Gen Science 
Aero (Social Studies



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