Admission Procedures

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Admission to American Academy Casablanca is open to all qualified students regardless of nationality, race, religion or creed. Prior to being considered for admission to the school, students must submit a completed application and all documentation required by the admissions office. One application form must be submitted for each applicant. Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance into AAC. Refer to the AAC Admissions Procedure document for more information on the prospective student enrollment process. The process is competitive and decisions by the AAC Admissions Committee are based on both academic and non-academic factors.

Open Enrollment
AAC has a rolling admission process, and applications are considered throughout the year based on availability. Open enrollment for each fall term begins in the preceding January. There is no application deadline, but students are encouraged to have their applications completed by April in order to increase the chance of acceptance, as space is limited. Acceptance is made with the provision that students must have completed their current school year in good standing.

Priority of Admissions
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Priority for inclusion in a class for the following school year is given to students already enrolled in the school, but only for the period prior to the deadline for re-enrollment. In times of limited space, qualified new applicants will be considered for admission in the following priority:
Children of faculty and staff.
Siblings of enrolled students who have completed the application process prior to April 16.
Children who are native English speakers.
All other applicants according to an order of receipt of application and success on the admission test.

Older students who enter AAC from another American-style school will normally be placed in the appropriate grade level consistent with the level from the previous school; however, exceptions may be made when it is determined that the student may benefit from placement in a different grade level. Prospective students who have not been in an American school prior to acceptance into AAC will be initially placed according to their birth date. After evaluation and observation by AAC administrators and teachers, the child may be moved to a higher or lower grade, as appropriate.

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