Support Services

American Academy provides additional support for second language learners through our REACH program (Reaching for Excellence, Achievement and Challenge).  The primary focus of the REACH program is the acquisition and development of the English language.  This program is an excellent complement to the AAC curriculum, and it is essential for English language beginners who enroll in AAC. Student that qualify for this program are required to attend for one full academic year. 


American Academy also uses an academic outreach program called SPARK (Summer Program to Achieve and Reinforce Knowledge) to help students who either want to get ahead or may need curricular support in a specific subject area. 


The Learning Center’s mission is to assist students in achieving academic success and enhance the life skills needed to be successful. This includes supporting students with English Language Learning support, reading and writing, math, and study skills. To accomplish this, we provide ELL support classes, individual and small group subject support classes, after school tutorials, online resources for credit recovery, write and implement Personal Education Plans (PEPs), alternative program options to accommodate learning or behavioral modifications, and summer school. Learning Center support is provided to students in KG-1 through 12th grade.


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