Welcome from the Primary School Principal


Welcome to the primary school at American Academy Casablanca; I am Sean Licata and I am very excited to be the new Primary Director. I look forward to working with our community of scholars as they begin to tackle accomplishing personal and academic excellence, become multilingual global citizens that adapt and contribute in a rapidly changing world, and act on their values to positively impact those around them.I have been an educator forfifteen years in New York City, working mostly in Harlem and the Bronx.  During my career,I have worked as a teacher, coach, mentor, and a Principal. 

This year we will reinforceour core values of integrity, compassion, respect, responsibility, and excellence in all aspects of our school.  We will challenge our students through an internationally accredited, standards-based, American-style curriculum that is multidisciplinary. As educators,our focus should also help our students find purpose in their lives and the desire to contribute positively to the lives of others.

Our primary school will ensure that we are promoting lifelong learning among our school community and actively developing our professionals and our students. Additionally, as a community, we will continue to foster a safe environment that encourages responsible and ethical behaviors in order to nurture healthy interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.

One of the main goals of education is to support the formation of open-minded individuals who can assertively express their points of view, while appreciating others who do the same. The students that we are entrusted with will become the leaders of tomorrow for Morocco and the world at large. 

As a community, we will promote a sense of school spirit, asense of belonging and pride while at the same time ensuring we are providing all learners with rigorous daily challenges.

I look forward to working with parents, teachers, support staff, and the community to provide students with a program of study that results in sufficient preparation for admission and success in the universities of their choice.


Principal`s Education Background

  • BA in English (College of Staten Island)
  • Master of Science of Teaching English (Fordham University)
  • School Building Leader (Baruch College)


Principal`s Experience

  • Founding Principal, Leaders of Tomorrow, USA
  • Principal, School of Diplomacy, USA
  • Aspiring Principal, Muscota New School, USA
  • English Language Arts Coach, Roberto Clemente School, USA
  • English Teacher, Roberto Clemente School, USA


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