American Academy is proud to be able to partner with TIBU Morocco. 

TIBU had its beginnings in early 2010 as a university basketball event (Tournoi International de Basketball Universitaire) that saw university teams compete against each other in very elaborate championship and after, its success we decided to go up a level and to make something tangible out of that experience and especially to make basketball accessible for every young person in Morocco. That resulted in creation of TIBU Maroc as an inspiring organization for developing /promoting basketball in the country.

TIBU Maroc is a non-profit organization that was formally created in September 2011. The main purpose of its creation is to develop and promote the discipline of basketball in Morocco through different programs and activities such as basketball caravans, summer camps, 3x3 Basketball tournaments, etc.

In November 2013, the first academy of Basketball in Morocco launched an idea that could focus on developing professional basketball players and athletic leaders who can act as role models in the their communities.  This program is now called the "TIBU Basketball Academy".

In April, 2015 TIBU created the first Wheelchair Basketball School in Morocco for children with motion disabilities.  During that launching period, we have been honored by the presence of the Honorable. Dwight L. Bush, the US Ambassador to Morocco.

TIBU Maroc is also an official affiliate of the Royal Moroccan Basketball Federation and with that we are participating with our young teams in the regional and national championships.

And last by not least, in November 2015, TIBU Maroc was the honorary guest of MACC (Moroccan American Chamber of Commerce) to participate in the 40th anniversary of the Moroccan Green March which was celebrated by the Orlando Magics and the NBA.  TIBU Maroc has also been chosen to be the official ambassador of YBAO "Youth Basketball of America" in Morocco.

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Dear parents,

We are happy to be able to inform you of a new partnership between American Academy and Mazagan Beach and Golf Resorts in El Jadida.  Through this partnership American Academy teachers, staff and  parents will benefit from special discounted rates at this beautiful 5 star luxury resort.  (See AAC rates below, rates include breakfast, and children under 12 are free)  Max capacity: 2 adults/2children per room.  For more information about this special offer, contact the reservations department at  05-23-38-80-80  

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