Mr Hassan Zitouni, Governor of Casa Nouaceur and his representatives made an official visit to our campus where they had the opportunity to meet with our students and to discuss the Project Based Learning Program. A Great Pride of American Academy Casablanca.


M. Hassan Zitouni, gouverneur de Casa Nouaceur et ses représentants ont effectué une visite officielle sur notre campus où ils ont eu l'occasion de rencontrer nos étudiants et de discuter du programme d'apprentissage par projet. C'est une grande fierté pour l'American Academy de Casablanca.



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December 2015             August 2016 (ENG)                              The Puma Express_Oct 2016 
November 2015             August 2016 (FR)                                 The Puma Express_Nov (ENG)
September_2015           Sept 2016 (ENG)                                  The Puma Express_Nov (FR)
                                         Sept 2016 (FR)                                      The Puma Express_DEC (ENG)
                                         Oct/Nov 2016 (ENG)                            The Puma Express_APRIL (ENG) 
                                         Oct/Nov 2016 (FR)
                                         December 2016 (ENG)
                                         December 2016 (FR)
                                         February 2017 (ENG) 
                                         February 2017 (FR) 
                                         March 2017 (ENG)
                                         March 2017 (FR)   
                                         April / May 2017 (ENG) 
                                         April / May 2017 (FR)


Vol 1 SEPT/OCT 2016   Inside this issue are short articles that highlights curricular and instructional happenings here at AAC 

Vol 2, NOV, 2016


Developing The 5Cs (Lost!)

Learning through situations and simulations is a great way to promote critical thinking and creativity.  During the past couple of weeks students in Grade 8 have been working with their teachers, Ms Lecroy and Mr Shepard on a simulation called Lost.  

In this, the students have formed teams to solve problems and design solutions to situations they would face in a survival situation.  They worked on specific tasks including building a model of the land they had to survive on and then set up the recognizable features of a sustainable society.

Through the students ability to collaborate in their teams they had time they gained insights from valuable research into aspects geography and through their need to communicate practiced essential skills from their English curriculum   

In addition to focusing on Social Studies and English Language Arts skills the students'  research and ideas took them in to the realms of science where they investigated the impact of seasons, concepts of sustenance farming and agriculture. This work also reinforces ideas the students explore in the PE classes related to healthy living and good nutrition.  Finally, they also explored math concepts as they worked on finance and economy through developing money systems.

Joint cross curriculum projects such as these are great ways to develop and consolidate both curriculum content, essential PBL skills, and the 5 Cs.


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