Senior Leadership Team

American Academy is governed by a five-member Executive Board that develops guiding policies and procedures for the Casablanca Green Town Campus.  American Academy also has a US Board of Advisers that meet on an annual basis to provide additional guidance on the school's overall vision and long-term goals.  

American Academy Executive Board 
Mr. Said Kouhaila       School Founder and President
Mr. Ali Gharbi              Co-Founder and Executive Vice-President
Dr. Patrick Miller          Head of School  

American Academy Academic Senior Leadership Team : 

Mr.David Flashberger            Head of School

Dr. Chassie Selouane           Director of Teaching and Learning 

Ms. Cindy Kentopian         Middle School Principal 

Mr. Sean Licata                   Primary School Principal

Ms. Lily Kreutzer                 Exploratorium Principal

Dr. J. Arthur Drummons     Director of Student Life

Ms. Yasmine Hasnaoui        Director of Admissions and Public Relations 

American Academy Advisory Board:* 

Dr. Thomas Bartlett                         Chairman
Congressman (Ret) Bill Delahunt    Board Advisor
Dr. Said Kouhaila                             Board Advisor
Ms.Sarah Kouhaila                     Board Advisor

Mrs.Joyce Lujan Martinez Board Advisor
Ms. Jodi Mulder                               Board Advisor
Mrs. Lucy H. Holmes                       Board Advisor
Mr. Richard P.Holmes                      Board Advisor
Mr. Ali Gharbi                                  Board Advisor

Dr. Patrick Miller                               School Director
Dr. Frank Locker                             Educational Planning Consultant
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