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                         PTO of American Academy
 Casablanca Green Town

The Parent Teacher Organization’s main role is to foster closer ties between parents and the school. The PTO aims to provide positive support towards educational excellence, while celebrating cultural diversity and fostering a spirit of community. 

The PTO supports and organizes community-building activities by promoting a cooperative and supportive relationship among students, parents, teachers, administration and the AAC school board. The PTO general members are the parents and teachers of the American Academy of Casablanca Green Town.

The PTO will be composed by 7 parents and 2 teachers:

  • Hicham Benzakour - President 
  • Lamia Krafess - Vice President 
  • Imane Haki 
  • Nadir Nomani 
  • Loubna Lachkar 
  • Khadija Mouad 
  • Khadija Achibane 
  • Robin Cartes 
  • Maricris Gamboa 

The PTO board members are volunteering parents who serve from September to September with a maximum 2 years in one position and deal with:

  • Ongoing planning of social events,
  • Helping families ease the difficulties of transition from other schools,
  • Offering extra guidance and orientation to the new families and new teachers,
  • Reaching out to the parents to promote a sense of community,
  • Supporting as many activities as reasonably possible consistent with the PTO’s goal,
  • Discussing issues raised by general PTO members,
  • Supporting teachers academically, 
  • Arranging for class representatives  

The PTO is funded through donation from AAC families, sponsoring companies and fundraising events held at school.

Strong believers that United We Excel!! The PTO offers the parents a rewarding opportunity to enrich their child’s education, meet other parents, teachers and learn more about the school by volunteering at AAC during the school year. 

There are many ways for parents to get involved; they may volunteer in the classroom, with fundraising, school events or school activities also on a regular basis or just occasionally as their schedule permits. 

The 3 Committees will be Headed by the following persons:


Event Committee

Feedback Committee

Parent/Teacher Relations Committee 

-Imane Haki  

-Lamia Krafess 

-Nadir Nomani 

-Loubna Lachkar 

-Khadija Mouad 

-Khadija Achibane

-Maricris Gamboa

-Chaimae Saadi 

-El Yasmine Hasnaoui  -Robin cartes 


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