Code of Conduct


 At American Academy, students are expected to meet certain behavioral standards at all times:

  • Students will respect themselves, others, and belongings.

  • Students will demonstrate responsibility, both academically and socially.

  • Students will display honesty and personal integrity.

  • Students will be generous and responsible citizens.

  • Students will contribute positively to the school environment.

  • Students will express themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others.

  • Students will practice tolerance towards differences in culture, gender, race or beliefs.

  • Students will enrich their language skills speaking only English in the classroom.

School rules including PE rules, recess rules, library rules, cafeteria rules, computer lab rules, and general classroom rules are distributed to students by the appropriate teachers/staff each school year.


AA Sports Code of Conduct

  • Use of drugs or alcohol:

o   1st offense—Student will be denied participation from sports for one calendar year

o   2nd offense—Student will be denied participation from sports for the rest of their AA career

  • The use of profanity, directed at officials, athletes, coaches, or fans will not be tolerated at practices or games.
  • The “riding” of officials, excessive questioning of their calls or directly approaching an official in any way to express your dissatisfaction will not be tolerated at games.
  • Inappropriate cheers, even if profanity is not involved, will not be allowed.  Cheer positively for your team, not negatively against the other team.
  • When an injury occurs to an opposing player, do not celebrate it. Sports involve risk of injury, and we want NO athlete to be hurt.
  • Let AA be the “bigger” school.  If an opponent, their fans, or their coaches act with unsportsmanlike conduct, it does not give us the right to behave in the same way.  No matter what the conduct from other teams, our behavior should be a positive model for all to see.



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