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Welcome to Elementary! Our mission in at American Academy Elementary School is to create an emotionally and socially safe place to learn.  The Four Agreements from Tribes not only support learning in the Elementary Division but create a continuous program from our Early Childhood division to our Secondary division.  Learning how to show Mutual Respect, Attentive Listening, Appreciations No Put Downs and Right To Pass teaches students that how we act and how we feel matter.  We know students learn better if they feel safe physically and emotionally. We want them to like to come to school. 


Our academic program is based on the United States Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science standards and the AREO Social Studies standards. We build our Project Based Units of study by starting with rigorous standards of instruction. We then create inquiry questions that are real and cause students to connect and generalize their learning between subjects. For instance, "How do we create rules in our communities?" is a question that has the potential to connect a first-grade student to their classroom and their home villages and towns. 


We are proud of a staff that commits to 4 key learning strategies that foster active student engagement in the classroom.  Your student will join their classroom Tribe and make agreements for learning in the classroom, they will turn to each other and talk often in any language they have as the gain English, the goal for the day's learning will be clearly posted in an "I Can" statement and the teacher will collect evidence of learning after each lesson helping them to gauge what a student can know and do daily for each content area. Teacher teams then meet once a week in Professional Learning Communities to discuss this information and plan together next steps.


Our students are active, caring and full of curiosity!   Our staff is capable, engaged and ready to partner with you and your student. They will help you and your student set goals, reflect on these goals and grow every day.  Our Parent Teacher Organization is a supportive team that partners with us to provide fun student events and connect parents to their students classroom and teacher.



Deb Odell

Director of Elementary

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