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Welcome to the Early Childhood Education center, my name is Sarah Zarzo and I am thrilled to be here as the ECE Principal and to have the privilege of working with your child. I've been an educator for 27 years, many of which have been in the Canary Islands, where I worked as both a teacher and a Principal. In addition to this I have worked as an ECE coordinator in Shanghai, China. I have 3 children and a grandson, and being a parent has not only enriched my life but also provided me an additional lens through which I view my work in education.


I am passionate about learning and I believe that learning is a life-long process and that we learn best through life experiences. As the educationalist John Dewey said, "Education is not preparation for life, it is life itself". With this in mind, in our ECE program focuses on engaging our students in developmentally appropriate learning experiences.  We strive to foster and support a child's drive to discover and inquire about the world around them. We know that children learn best when they "do", so what looks like play to us, is work for our young learners.  We carefully and purposefully construct supportive environments, so that our young learners make sense of the world around them, and of themselves in it, while they play. Together with this, they are also learning about others and how to interact with them.  


We have a strong team of teachers in each grade level, who will be working together, to support our young learners.  We have organized our staff so that each grade level will function as one class with two Co-teachers and 2 Teaching Assistants.  Each of our Co-teachers will work to their strengths and be an academic coach for a subject area. This will give an additional rigor to our program. A key focus for us is language acquisition, and we specifically target  English and French and encourage exposure to Arabic. Our concept-based integrated units of study are the driving force for our investigations in to the world around us and the focus of many of our activity areas, known as learning centers, in the classrooms.  Our learning centers will include the creative center, numeracy and problem solving center, dramatic role play centers, sensory center, fine motor skill center, and language and literacy center.  Each one is designed to support the developmental stages of the children.


Our program is guided by Washington State Early childhood program and supported by Connecticut’s developmental stages documents. As with our Elementary school students, our Kinder students are working in alignment with Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics. They are following NGSS for Science and AERO for Social Studies.



Sarah Zarzo

Director of Early Childhood Education

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