American Academy continues to work toward developing collaborative partnerships with our parent community.  As in past years, members of the AAC Administration give informative workshops and conferences for parents that focus on a particular aspect of the school's academic policies and programs.  AAC also invites other professionals from our community to speak with parents on a wide variety of issues relevant to supporting student, parent, and teacher relationships.  

AAC Administrative Presentations:  3:30 - 4:15 pm  AAC Theacher
OCTOBER 10 - What is PBL all about? (Sara Zarzo)
OCTOBER 28TH:  Parent Workshop:  How to support your children academically (Dr. Wanda)
NOVEMBER 7- School Discipline (Dean Jex) (Moved to Nov 14th) 
DECEMBER 5 - After School Activities (Amine Zariat)
JANUARY 9- Graduation Requirements (Narjiss Bentaleb)
FEBRUARY 6 - Language Department (Ahed Wardeh)
MARCH 6 - Special Education  (Vicki Learn)
MAY 8 - Curriculum and Assessment (Sara Zarzo/Craig Viscardi)
JUNE 7 - Addiction to Technology 2:00 pm Room S15

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